Mac OSX Sins

Think twice before you switch.

Replacing a folder totally deletes old folder, not recoverable. Windows merges them, making life easier after an interruption.

No cut & paste of files/folder! Have to open two finder windows and drag, cluttering screen, distrupting workflow. Sucks.

No click-through in Snow Leopard finder when dragging a file to a foreground window (meaning cursor doesn't move), totally workflow breaker.

Safari still has no Undo Closing Tabs after everyone else has got it.

Downloaded files have their server timestamps. Who the hell needs that (web admins, you are the 20 of the 80/20 law)?! You lose track of your downloads totally.

You can never instantly locate a window when it's fully covered. Exposé has no spatial consistency, killing muscle memory. Windows has the taskbar.

The slipping-out sheet always blocks the top part of the window, and you can't refer to what's beneath it.

You can't force to delete some files individually. All files must go into Trash, and be deleted together.

Navigation keys like Home, End, Page Up, Page Down don't work as they are intended to, even on full-size keyboards. The combinations with fn, Ctrl, Option, and Command (and plus Shift for selection!) are confusing, inconsistent across applications, and totally kill productivity.

Mouse always has acceleration. You can never have the pixel-perfect control like in Windows, even after acceleration being disabled in some unofficial ways.

The "green light bubble" on each window never works as you intend (no, it doesn't maximize Finder or Safari windows, and Safari does a terrible and funny job trying to "fit" the window to the content).

In finder, focus on one file and press command+delete to delete it, then the cursor is gone with the file. If now you want to proceed with the next file, press arrow key and you will be thrown back to the top of the list! Keyboard users' nightmare!

The "Always open this type of files using this application" feature does not work for .mp4/.rmvb/.avi/other video files in Snow Leopard. Try associating the file type with one program (e.g., VLC or Movist), and then clicking on another file with the same extension to see it in action.

No "Get Info" window for a selection of folders/files; only "Inspector" palette available. Since there is only one Inspector palette for the whole Finder, you can never compare the attributes of two selections of folders/files side-by-side.

"Get Info" goes crazy every time you do "Get Info" on a selection of folders/files. Each item has its own window!!! Good luck closing the unintended "Get Info" windows covering up your screen! Besides, if the selected items are sufficiently many (how many? No idea...), "Get Info" will become Inspector... (back to Sin #14)

Clicking on the space between two menu items closes the menu; you must click onto the menu item or you get punished (more punishment if you use sub menus!)... On Windows, the menu stays and you can simply move your mouse a little bit and click again.

Safari hides new tabs in a drop-down menu after more than 14 (+/-) tabs are opened. Click on the arrow, go all the way down, pick one, and repeat, for all the tabs! Where is the goddam Fitt's Law now?

Continued from Sin #17: There is totally no visual feedback for the current tab when you use command+shift+]/[ to switch between them (you are stuck at the last tab until you exhaust the ones in the hidden drop down menu).

In iPhoto, delete a photo and it goes into the "Trash" of iPhoto; then open "Trash", select that photo, press command+delete and it's gone from the Trash ... back to your photo library! Be surprised by those "deleted" photos expectedly showing up again in your library. ;-)

In iPhoto, pressing the Space key on multiple selected photos will CLEAR the selection! Oops, you thought it would open quickview mode...

After pressing command+h to hide all Finder windows, if you click on the Desktop, all Finder windows suddenly come back! What kind of hiding is that?

The "mouse selection anchor" behavior is different in Finder (or any listview) and in TextEdit (or any text input). In Finder, use mouse to select some files, pressing Shift+Up will shrink the selection at the end; in TextEdit, do the same will GROW the selection at the beginning.

The Help window is a palette. It's always-on-top and blocking your current window. Pressing command+w will close your current window instead of the Help window!!!

Pressing command+w will close a palette's parent window instead of the palette itself, although the palette is the "current window". This totally breaks your mental model of "current window".

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